Revitalisatie galerijflats Smitsweg voor Portaal

Smitsweg in de lift!

In Soest, 299 gallery homes have been sustainably renovated for 299 households. They again got a comfortable and energy-efficient home. New lift halls on the heads of the buildings give the residents more ease of use. The new entrances are transparent, safe and light. We made a menu for the residents, with options that suit them. For example, a closer balcony gate for more privacy, or open for a lot of visibility. The TOOLBOX was opened during construction, where jobs, tools and materials are exchanged.

This is how we, but especially the residents, discover what they want to share with their neighbors.

Een project voor woningcorporatie Portaal in samenwerking met rudy uytenhaak + partners, Adams bouwadviesbureau, Cauberg Huygen, HEMERA (een samenwerking van Hemubo en ERA Contour), Stichting KCP, gemeente Soest en de bewoners van de Smitsweg.

2015 • Soest • opgeleverd

Interior soest portaal galerijflat renovatie - DOOR architecten
Interior soest portaal galerijflat renovatie - DOOR architecten